My parents in law Gustaf and Asta, settled in the Icelandic village of Laugaras in 1968. They have been growing flowers in greenhouses ever since and lived there for already four generations now.

For 52 years Gustaf and Asta persisted with the family business, however this is not attainable any more due to debts that have been amassed to keep the greenhouses alive and they will have to give up their property and move out of the area.

The Icelandic bank crash in 2008 and the ensuing shift of Icelandic economy towards tourism, that ensured a fast but uncontrolled financial growth, brought about a swift change in Icelandic life that is reflected in the story of the Saelands . Reykjavik is attracting more and more people to support the explosion of tourism leaving a haemorrhaging countryside withering. 

Through the story of the Sealand family, the series is portraying a declining lifestyle against the backdrop of the tourism industry explosion after the 2008 crash and a shift in Icelandic society away from traditional values.

Iceland 2016-2020, Analogue photography