Short associations and essays on the trivial and the mundane

© VASSILIS TRIANTIS 2019 - Ongoing

5 things that live in the sky

A young boy turned to me and said

-Nothing lives in the sky here

-Well, when I was young...

5 skies that nothing lives in

-Why do you say that?

-You are still young...

-Not now, more young...

(I nodded)

-I would lay in the ground and I would

look at all the things that live in the sky.

A dog, a snail, two people kissing,

a rhino that would turn into a horse

that galloped away and vanished.

Sometimes I would see my mother...

(He paused)

-Here nothing lives in the sky...      Why?

-Well I guess people are so

attached to the earth and always

look to the ground.

Maybe the clouds

never taught them

about all the things that live 

in the sky.

(He nodded)

What is change?

Do we change?

Or maybe the world around us changes...

Can we change and stay the same?

The way we look

(at things)