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Facebook estimates that 9% of the existing accounts are fake. With more than 1 billion users currently that 9% corresponds to more than 100 million accounts. In other social media platforms such as Twitter, or Instagram, similar percentages of users create fake accounts striving to receive followers and likes. At the same time, we are forced continuously to expose our whole life to the public in a hunt for appreciation and personal gratification.


The series "Happy where I am" is dealing with the outbreak of social media as a sedative for modern life anonymity, the search for personal identity, appreciation and a sense of differentiation or uniqueness in urban environments. In urbanised societies, social media offered a podium to satisfy our psychological need to be liked, to stand out, and to fight anonymity and the crash of individuality.

"Happy where I am" is eventually an anecdotal photographical essay on the virtual lives we lead on social media in order to deal with social pressure and prototypes of behaviour and the contradiction with our every day life.


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