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Urbanisation is a modern calamity affecting more than 50% of the human population. It is predicted that by 2050 about 64% of the developing world and 86% of the developed world will be urbanised, leaving behind a haemorrhaging rural culture, which has been numerously documented. The effect of urbanisation goes beyond environmental misbalances and financial consequences to social and psychological attributes such as distant bloodlines, unfamiliar relations, and competitive behaviour. In addition, the way we perceive and sense our environment is also affected by urbanisation since the subjective perspective is overruled by a common point of view and the human brain is becoming numb to details and individuality.

“Point of view” addresses the question; how does the loss of singular identity and urbanisation affect the way we perceive our urban environments and how would our perception transform eventually our surroundings? And how does that perspective compare to the way we experience the absence of the urban?

Is our human brain trying to restore man-made environments to their original perception of our surroundings?

Eventually the series is an agglomeration of perspectives, a photographic synthesis of socio-urban ecology, a dialogue between the collective and the individual.



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